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Our services

We offer comprehensive technical solutions in the area of industrial lighting, with particular emphasis on control systems. We offer top-class products and services throughout the life of a lighting project: from design through installation to post-warranty service.

The lighting and control system must perform exactly the functions required by the standards and the Investor, while being easy to use

Installation carried out under the supervision of M-Light guarantees the highest quality of electrical work. We carry out our installations thoroughly, neatly and on time.

When launching and configuring each installation, we ensure its functionality, failure-free operation, ease of use and full cooperation with the user and other systems. Integration of the lighting control system with BMS, AV and roller blinds is not a challenge for us.

We respond quickly at the installation site, always carrying out a thorough analysis of the causes of the failure.

A contract for permanent service support in one of our packages is a guarantee of maintenance-free lighting installation.